President's Corner: Run the Range at Renegade

Minnesota’s Iron Range is rich with history, built by mining. The new Redhead Mountain Bike Park celebrates the legacy of our land while showcasing its breathtaking beauty, with miles and miles of rugged trails winding through reclaimed mining terrain. 


United Way of Northeastern Minnesota has always supported this vital American industry, and mining industry companies and employees have supported our work to help improve our communities for all people.  To celebrate both our history and new growth in the region, UWNEMN is holding a brand-new event:  the Renegade Trail Run 25K and 5K will be held on September 11th at Redhead. 


5K runners or walkers will explore three trails: Spellbound, North Star, and High Road.  This won’t be your typical 5K, but it will be fun!  Prepare for a single track, rocky trail, and dress prepared for mud and iron ore. We have many adventurous runners signed up already and are planning for many more. 


The 25K will take runners all the way around the mine pit on The Rim trail, as well as up and down the rugged hills of many other trails in the system.  This run will not be for the faint of heart but promises to showcase all the natural beauty of Redhead.


All proceeds from the Renegade Trail Run 25K and 5K will benefit UWNEMN’s United for Veterans program.  I find this to be particularly poignant, as the event will be held on Patriot’s Day, 20 years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. 


I love the Iron Range – and I love how UWNEMN continues to find ways to celebrate this region while helping its communities.  Both the land and the people continue to be generous in support of UWNEMN’s efforts.  We hope that you will come and join us at Renegade to run the rugged trails, share in our history, and help build our future.


Sign up now to receive early bird discounts! To register, sign up to volunteer, and/or learn more about the Redhead Trail and United for Veterans program, click here.