The UWNEMN heartbeat is felt far and wide across the region

by Shelley Valentini for the Hometown Focus
Aug. 16, 2019

Chisholm is home to many great Iron Range institutions and landmarks: the experiential Minnesota Discovery Center, the historic Museum of Mining, the towering Iron Man statue, and the critically important community nonprofit, United Way of Northeastern Minnesota (UWNEMN). While I have lived in the community of Chisholm that I love for over 40 years, United Way has housed its office in Chisholm and served this region for 53 years!

When Chisholm native Dick Enrico was looking to create a local legacy, we couldn’t have been more excited that he chose UWNEMN as his recipient organization. Our building is centrally located within our region and has revolutionized our work, setting us up for future success for the Iron Range communities.

From our building in Chisholm, UWNEMN is able to provide many services and programs across the region. More than 35,000 Buddy Backpacks were packed for Iron Range children right here in our building last year; those packs went to more than 1,000 children across our entire service area over the past school year. Thank you to the 1,100 volunteers who trekked to our building in Chisholm to help pack those kits!

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