Good 360 Program

Losing your home in a fire or having to leave your home because of an emergency is traumatic. But there is help out there, for those who need to replace everything from pillows to Christmas decorations.
It's the Good 360 Program, managed by the United Way of NE Minnesota. Char Conger tells us that even though the space for the program is cramped, it's used every week.
"I work a lot with the American Red Cross, they do a lot of referrals of people who lose their homes. I work with the homeless outreach coordinators across the Range, and with programs for people who might displaced for other reasons," she said. A case worker accompanies the families as they pick out their new items.
The long hallway at the Range Center is packed full of goods from their partner stores, Bed Bath and Beyond in Duluth and Eagan.
"We just received 60 boxes, and I had volunteers putting the items away," she explained.
Everything has its place in the hallway, from linens to small appliances to even picture frames.
Their other partner store, Home Depot, also donates items. Those are stored at the warehouse space in Chisholm's City Hall.
"The program is divided into two separate spaces," she explained.
It's not ideal, but they make it work. And it makes a big difference, for those who are starting over.
"It makes a huge impact on people's lives, to get nice, quality merchandise, to set themselves back up into their new homes," Conger added.
Good 360 has been around for about 5 years on the Range. It is a national program, managed here by the United Way.
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